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Board of Directors


Congressman Denny Smith

Former Representative Jeff Kropf

Don Russo 

Bill Andersen

Mike Loftus

Caitlin Loftus

Meghan Loftus


Honorable Jeff Kropf



Former State Representative Jeff Kropf represented Oregon House Districts 37 and 17 for eight years, serving 4 terms until retiring in January of 2007.


He is a fifth generation Oregon farmer from the Halsey/Harrisburg area, former radio broadcaster, former 12 yr volunteer fire fighter and small businesses owner. He is married to Peggy Sue, has a son and daughter in law with 2 grandsons and owns a farm north of Sublimity.


He stays engaged in grassroots politics as a consultant and advisor to candidate and initiative/referendum campaigns.


Jeff has served as an elected board member of the Sublimity Rural Fire Protection District since 2004, while also serving on the board of a non profit, Water for Life.


He co-founded Oregon Connections Academy in 2005, an online k-12, public charter school serving over 4,000 students (2015) and for 10 years served as board president until retiring in 2015.


He started in talk radio in 2003 as a substitute for Lars Larson, then spent 5 years hosting a week day radio talk show during early morning in the Portland metro area, retiring in 2012.  


In 2004 and 2006 Jeff was embedded as a radio broadcaster with Oregon National Guard combat infantry units in Iraq and Afghanistan, bringing live reports and interviews with Oregon Guardsman from various combat zones.


After retiring from the House of Representatives in 2007, he organized a team that built up the Oregon chapter of a grassroots political organization, Americans for Prosperity, with 32 local Oregon chapters and 25,000 free market activists. In 2011 he founded the non profit Oregon Capitol Watch Foundation, whose mission is to research and publicize wasteful government spending in Oregon.


Jeff has received numerous awards from conservative business and government watchdog organizations and is a founding member of the New Budget Coalition. He is a passionate advocate for common sense government budget reform and speaks regularly to various organizations on this subject.

Don Russo



Don has lived in the western states of Nevada and Oregon since 1985, moving from Ohio to work at the hospital in Klamath Falls. In 2000, he moved to Salem to work at the Silverton Hospital. He spent most of his career in hospital administration, including two hospitals in Akron, Ohio where he was born and raised. Don and His wife Holly moved to Reno, NV in July 2018 for retirement and to be closer to their two sons, who are raising families in Reno.


Don earned a masters degree in hospital administration from Trinity University, San Antonio, and a bachelor’s degree in psychology from the University of Akron. Most of his career has been in the nonprofit sector, with voluntary service on the boards of directors of organizations of arts organizations, social services, churches and others.


He was responsible for fundraising in the hospitals for major capital projects including cancer centers, birthing centers, heart centers, emergency department expansions, and other clinical services. He is experienced in major gift fundraising and grant writing. Don also learned about the workings of government when he served five years as Economic Development Manager for the Marion County Board of Commissioners.


As part of his active retirement, Don is licensed as a substitute teacher in Nevada, and is also a sports official for interscholastic football and basketball in the Reno area. He and his wife Holly raised four children and now have eight grandchildren.



William Andersen





EDUCATION    B.S. in Business Administration, Accounting major with minor in Computer

             Systems and Data Processing from California State University, Long Beach

             June 1978.





 to           Self-employed. Business entails making needs assessment of

 Present      the client from conversations with the owners/management, making

              recommendations based on information obtained, then installing the

 selected systems, training of key support personnel and ongoing support.

Accounting systems utilized include ACCPAC PLUS, MAS 90 and others.  Setting up of full turnkey Novell networks including login scripts, network rights, mappings and security.  Licensed tax preparer for over 20 years preparing all types of income tax returns from personal, partnership, corporate, trust, etc. Training in accounting, installing and setting up programs in Windows. Doing Pre and post audit work for clients based on there need. Working with Clients CPA on discovery of suspected Fraud and embezzlement.


June  2002  Controller/CIO Schreiber Engineering

To          Part time entailed reviewing of bank reconciliations. Supervising the

2006         credit and collections Department, Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable

             and Inventory. Reviewing cost procedures, and inventory control. Planning

             of purchases for production, and working with sales for flexibility in

             production for a “just in time” approach for deliveries. Responsible for

 annual budget planning, and implementation. Reported to President of

 Company. As Information’s Officer, I over saw all new software purchases,

 installation, and training of personnel on them, this included the

 accounting system.



to           $25 Million manufacturer of Electric and Hydraulic Equipment and job shop

August 1989  Duties included Month-End Journals for inventory, Cost of Sales

 (Work-in-Progress Transferred to Finished Goods), etc.  Maintained the

 System 36 and the 15 PC's and all other computer related functions

 (Trained on Lotus 1-2-3, etc.) Created a network for the CAD operations

 in Engineering Department. Co-designed a cost system, utilizing current

 software, which resulted in better reports for the Finance Department.


March 1987   COST ACCOUNTANT                     AMFLO PRODUCTS

to           $15 Million Manufacturer of Pneumatic and Hydraulic

June 1988    Couplers and Fittings.  Duties included Month-End Cost of Sales and

Inventory Journals and Year-end Standard Cost Revision, tracked Fixed

Assets and Depreciation Schedules, Budget Development and Planning.  Interfaced with Engineering for changes to Bills of Materials and Manufacturing Labor and Overhead Variances. Designed and Implemented a

new cost and labor reporting system.



to           $12 Million Machine Tool Manufacturer and Job Shop.

February     Duties included Month-End Journals (Income, Sales,

1987         Inventory, Work-in-Progress), Financial Statements, Balance Sheet, Maintaining  the Job Cost System to satisfy requirements for federal

             contracts and interfaced with DCAA Personnel on pre and post-audit reviews.

             Supervised a staff of three.  Accomplishments included conversion from a

             service bureau job cost system to an in-house computer in four months,

             and a fully-integrated system within eight months.







October      Duties included assisting in the Development of Annual Business Plan, Cash

1984      Requirement Forecast, Monitor and Analyze Work-in-Progress Inventory,

          Verification of Sales and Margins, Analyze verification to Plan. Additional

          assignments included Interfacing with Contracts Administration on , Pricing,

          Accounting and Financial Planning.



             Duties included Payroll Bank Reconciliation, Sales and Margin Analysis,

             Maintaining Computer Schedules on Acquisitions, Sales, Operating Margin

             and Cost Incurred. Worked in the audit department for 6 months on a fraud case related

             to the payroll issue.  Additional Assignments included Monthly Financial Statements, fixed

             Cost Trial Balance and Year-End Federal Tax Package.




to           $40 Million Manufacturer of Aerospace Fasteners.

May 1981     Duties included Maintenance of Standard Cost System, Budget Development and

             Planning, Standard Cost Revision and Implementation, Interfacing with Data

             Processing on Work-in-Progress and Inventory Program. Supervised Cost Clerk.

             Prepared Month-End Journals, Year-End Audit Papers and Schedules and Monthly

             Financial/Manufacturing Statements.



June 1978    $ 5 Million Manufacturer of paperboard cartons for the cosmetics industry

To           Duties included variance analysis, budget analysis and financial reports. 

July 1979    Cost standards creation and analysis for both inventory valuation, and

             Plant variance to budget reporting.


More personal info:


I am a 3 third generation Hawaiian-born in Hawaii. My Paternal grandfather was born in the monarchy of Hawaii, under Queen Liliuokalani and shortly after was overthrown by the United States and put under a governorship.


My maternal great grandfather was also born under the monarchy of Hawaii, under the then king Kamehameha the IV or the III not sure. Part of the family has roots with masonries sent to Australia but they never got there. Then were ship wrecked and returned to Hawaii to live and preach the word.



The overthrow of the Kingdom of Hawaii began on January 17, 1893, with a coup d'état against Queen Liliʻuokalani on the island of Oahu by subjects of the Kingdom of Hawaii, United States citizens, and foreign residents residing in Honolulu. A majority of the insurgents were foreigners.[4] They prevailed upon American minister John L. Stevens to call in the U.S. Marines to protect United States interests, an action that effectively buttressed the rebellion. The revolutionaries established the Republic of Hawaii, but their ultimate goal was the annexation of the islands to the United States, which occurred in 1898.








The Kamehameha Dynasty was the reigning monarchy of the Kingdom of Hawaii, beginning with its founding by Kamehameha I in 1795, until the death of Kamehameha V in 1872 and Lunalilo in 1874.[5] On July 6, 1846, U.S. Secretary of State John C. Calhoun, on behalf of President Tyler, formally recognized Hawaii's independence under the reign of Kamehameha III.[6] As a result of the recognition of Hawaiian independence, the Hawaiian Kingdom entered into treaties with the major nations of the world[7] and established over ninety legations and consulates in multiple seaports and cities.[8] The kingdom would continue for another 21 years until its overthrow in 1893 with the fall of the House of Kalākaua.[9]



C. Michael Loftus


Slover & Loftus LLP

Of Counsel


Mike Loftus has counseled clients in transportation and fuel supply matters for over thirty five years.  Though his transportation practice has focused on rail transport, he has also handled various engagements involving water, motor and pipeline transport of various commodities. His activity in the fuel supply area has been largely confined to coal supply contracts. Mr. Loftus has been repeatedly recognized as one of the leading rail transportation lawyers in the U.S.



Practice Focus

Mr. Loftus represents clients on a wide variety of transportation matters both in commercial transactions and before the Surface Transportation Board, federal and state courts and in arbitration and mediation proceedings. Agency matters he has handled include cases challenging the reasonableness of rail carrier rates, competitive access issues, rail merger proceedings, fuel surcharge issues, rail equipment leases, demurrage issues, determinations of common carrier status, and rail spur permitting and constructions, among many other issues. Court litigations and arbitration or mediation matters have typically involved rate, rate adjustment, liquidated damages, force majeure, service or other terms of contracts for rail or other modes of transportation; and price, change of law or other price adjustment, quality, force majeure or other terms of coal or other fuel purchase agreements. His commercial practice has involved numerous engagements assisting clients with negotiation, renegotiation and administration of, rail transportation contracts or common carrier arrangements and fuel supply contracts.


Representative Legal Matters


Successfully represented major coal company in obtaining determination from Surface Transportation Board that acquisition of various interests in rail lines serving mines would not render company a common carrier railroad. Successfully represented electric utility in U.S. District Court breach of contract lawsuit with coal supplier over coal quality and pricing issues. Successfully represented major electric utility in U.S. District Court breach of contract lawsuit with railroad over violation of rail contract service obligations. Successfully represented major intermodal logistics company in arbitration involving claims of breach of contract for violation of service commitments and other obligations. Successfully represented electric utility in series of federal and state court and arbitration proceedings, and related negotiations, unwinding interrelated series of contracts for coal transportation. Advised electric utility clients in establishing advantageous competitive rail service for captive coal fired generating stations through rail contracts with new rail carriers and private build outs. Represented electric utility client in negotiating advantageous major rail transportation agreement for new coal-fired generating station. Successfully represented electric utility companies in cases finding rail carriers’ rates exceeded maximum reasonable level with resultant prescription of significantly lower rates by Interstate Commerce Commission and Surface Transportation Board.




District of Columbia

U.S. Court of Appeals for the Fourth Circuit

U.S. Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia Circuit

Various other U.S. Courts of Appeals

U.S. District Court for the District of Maryland

Supreme Court of the United States


Professional Associations and Memberships

Association of Transportation Law Professionals


Prior Legal Experience

Clerk, Judge Joseph H. Young, U.S. District Court, District of Maryland, 1973-74

Associate, Venable, Baetjer & Howard, Baltimore, Maryland 1974-75



Wheeling Jesuit College (B.S. 1968)

Catholic University of America, Columbus School of Law (J.D. 1973)

Editor-In-Chief, CUA Law Review, Vol. 22


Meghan Loftus




●       Will be pursuing a M.S. in Human Anatomy at University of College Cork, Cork Ireland, starting September 2019.

●       B.S. Human Physiology with honors and a minor in Music Studies at the University of Oregon with a 3.7 GPA.

●       Graduated Stayton High School in 2014 with a 3.9 GPA, Top Ten in Class, and Academic Honors



●       Food handlers license,OLCC serving license, management experience, and Adult AED/First Aid + CPR Certified


Employment History

University of Oregon Teaching and Learning Center                                   March 2016-Current

●       Certified tutor for general Math up through Calculus level 1, Biology 212: Organisms and 214: Mechanisms, Human Physiology and Anatomy: 321, 322, 323, 324, 325, and 371.


University of Oregon Campus Libraries Science and Math Branches            April 2017-Current

●       Designated Student Shift Leader and Resource Sharing Technician. Duties include: sharing resources with libraries across the world, training and supervising student workers, making executive decisions in place of staff, and basic library maintenance.


Angkor Café                                                                                    January 2015-August 2016

●       Duties include: Supervising and scheduling of current employees, training new employees, customer service, hosting, waitressing, cooking, food preparations, ordering kegs, pouring and serving alcoholic beverages, money management, and basic cleaning and organizing.


Gardner House Café and Bed and Breakfast                                                                   8 Years

(Family owned and operated)

●       Duties included: Food preparation after hours, food service during hours, waiting on tables, cashiering, being a hostess, customer service, making tea and coffee drinks, washing dishes, sanitation, cleaning of the restaurant and kitchen, catering, transporting food, and managing onsite catering events.


Other Experience

● Board Member                                                                                                     4 Years

●       Volunteer work at Stayton Public Library                                                                                      6 Years

●       Volunteer work at Stayton Meals on Wheels Senior Center                                                          6 Years



●       Undergraduate Learning Assistant of the Year for 2018: Department of Human Physiology and Anatomy at the University of Oregon

●       Peer Advisor for the Department of Human Physiology and Anatomy for 2 years at the University of Oregon

●       Diversity Excellence Scholar for the University of Oregon

●       Library Student Advisory Board member for 3 years at the University of Oregon

●       Member of Sigma Kappa Sorority Alpha Phi Chapter at the University of Oregon

●       Member of the Eugene Symphony Chorus




Honorable James Loftus

, Founder and Director

James Loftus is the son of Joseph P. Loftus jr. created in 2015 to honor the NASA career of Joseph P. Loftus Jr., retired Assistant Director Life Sciences Directorate, Johnson Space Center. Our purpose is to engage and encourage people to understand how NASA and space flight technologies have impacted their lives and what the future of off-planet activities will require. We actively engage all socio-economic and age groups. Successfully created, executed and raised funds for the museum’s 2017 and 2018 Rural Schools Educational Initiative, which sponsored Norman Chaffee to visit Oregon middle and high school students. Created, designed and initiated the Remote and Distant Interactive Online Sessions (RADIO) which partners NASA Alumni League, Space Center Houston, Oregon Connection Academy, and brick and mortar public, private and home schooling groups designed with a focus on Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, Math+Medicine (STEAM+M).


Gardner House Café and Bed and Breakfast, LLC, Member/Owner

Managed the restoration of a Queen Anne historic home, installing a commercial kitchen and opening a café in 2008. Recognized nationally as an award-winning cafe by TEA TIME magazine in July 2012, and TEA HOUSES OF THE NORTHWEST as one of the finest tea houses in the Pacific Northwest. Featured in Gerry Frank’s book “Oregon,” editions 1-4.  Responsible for all aspect of owning, managing and operating a successful minority-owned small business in Stayton, Oregon.


Pacific Freedom Foundation, Board Member and Legislative Researcher

Actively tracked, reviewed, researched, advised and educated individuals, organizations and legislators on complex legislative issues that affect businesses and property owners’ interest by conducting overt or covert public awareness campaigns designed to shift public policy from a grassroots level. Primary media contact and public speaking at community forums on the legislative issues and before the Oregon Legislature and local government.


Plantek Management, LLC, Member and Managing Partner

Government Surveillance and Political Intelligence organization, analyzed national, state, and local laws, worked with legislators continuously tracking and predicting future legislation based on text, video, and committee analysis. Responsible for budgeting, fundraising, educational and promotional materials, media and legislative relations and outreach, hiring and training personnel on legislative matters


Neurocare Inc. D.B.A. DME Rentals, National Sales and Marketing Manager

Initiated first contact and trained outside sales force in the sales and marketing of neuromuscular nerve stimulator designed for both clinical and home use.  Demonstrated product features and benefits directly with physicians, nurses, physical therapists, and patients.


Bluestar Specialty Products, Inc., Customer Service

Used telemarketing and outside sales methods for new highway safety product under the supervision of senior management.  Created budget for travel, trade shows, marketing, sales, and advertising.  Traveled extensively on sales calls to city and county transportation engineers.  Coordinated event planning and set up displays at regional and national trade shows in the United States and Canada.  Worked directly with federal, state, county, and city transportation agencies.  Acquired and assisted in compiling a database of bridges across the United States that would qualify for TEA 21 funds (Transportation Equity Act of the 21st Century) for product sales.


Justice for All, Finance Chair

Directed fundraising for crime victims’ rights initiative and the Attorney General’s race.  Raised over $250,000 for victims’ rights initiative.  Responsible for hiring, training, and scheduling canvassers, identified and worked with businesses and individuals for signature gathering for the ballot measure.  Successfully conducted and won voter approval on a statewide ballot measure for crime victims’ rights.


Buffalo Products, Inc., Sales/Purchasing Manager

Negotiated cost of goods and managed strategic alliances with major OEM manufacturers, such as IBM, Cyrix, Maxtor, and Samsung for manufacturing facilities in Japan and the United States.  Directed sales of computers and computer peripheral components in excess of $4.5M a month in foreign and domestic markets. Managed purchasing projects in excess of $2M per transaction.  Coordinated delivery of products purchased offshore to manufacturing sites in the United States, Japan and Singapore. Trained, hired, directed, and evaluated staff.


Voyager Information System, Owner

Information and technology broker coordinating multi-million dollar projects with multiple vendors in a variety of countries simultaneously. Broker of  computer hard drive, memory modules and CPU’s. Clients included IBM, Cyrix, Maxtor, Conner Peripherals, Western Digital, Mylex.


Greatwest Technology, LTD., Vice President of Sales

Negotiated and managed inventory control and flow of products into the ComputerLand retail distribution channel.  Coordinated delivery of individual computer components purchased both foreign and domestically to manufacturing sites in the United States and Korea.  Created, managed and trained both domestic and international sales force to maintain and manage distribution channels for computers and peripheral products.  Directed both the purchasing and sales of computers and peripheral components in excess of $3,000,000 a month in both foreign and domestic markets managed sales and technical support operations.   


IPC International , General Protection Services,  Assistant Director of Operations

Responsible for on site security for construction phase and operational phase for large retail shopping center for Homart Development, the parent company of SEARS in Oklahoma and Texas. Provided bodyguard services to Olympic athletes and celebrities, trained local work force in day to day operations for clients needs.  Worked with local law enforcement to effectuate arrest of a suspect, testified at deposition and trial on behalf of clients and law enforcement to secure prosecution of the suspect.



BS, Speech Communication, Minor in Economics, Oregon State University, Honor Roll Graduate.

Microsoft Windows 2000 Certified MSE, Chemeketa Community College.

Volunteer Activities

Nominated Candidate Interim County Commissioner Marion County 2012

Elected Councilor for the City of Stayton, 2008-2012

Precinct Committee Chair, Precinct 655, 2008-2020

Finance Chair for 1996 Attorney General Campaign for Kevin Mannix, 1996

Finance Director for Justice for All PAC

Fundraiser for the Marion-Polk Family YMCA.

System Administrator for a non-profit National Organic/ Fair Trade Certifier utilizing Windows NT/98, Apple Macintosh systems.

Procuring financial and in-kind contributions for various events at St. Joseph, Regis, St. Mary’s Schools and the Mt. Angel Abbey.





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