Joseph Phillip Loftus Jr. Mobile Museum
Joseph Phillip Loftus Jr. Mobile Museum

We are excited to announce that the JPLMuseum will be presenting at the NASA Alumni League March 7th  meeting, a Congressional Record and US Flag flown over the United States Capitol building, introduced by Congressman Cliff Bentz, to honor Norman Chaffee and James McBarron II NASA careers and their dedication to education outreach and support of JPLMuseum's commitment to STREAM2 (Science, Technology, Robotics, Engineering, Math and Medicine) in rural communities. The museum strives to inspire the next generation to reach for the stars.

We are excited to announce that the PacfiCorp Foundation has awarded the JPLMuseum with a generous grant of $2600.00 for the preservation and digitization of the documents, videos, and slides.  We will be posting the materials on the exhibits page as we make progress in the spring of 2024

Due to Covid the Rural Schools Educational Initiative is is canceled if your school would like to participate in our Remote And Distant Interactive Online Sessions with Space Center Houston program please contact the museum RADIOS/RSEI Schedule

Thank you MAPS  Community Foundation for the $2500 grant.


We are grateful and honored that we were 1 of 4 nonprofits in the Willamete Valley to recieve this award.

Thank you for recognizing our work with Oregon students and bringing STREAM2  (Science, Technology, Robotics, Engineering, Art, Math and Medicine) into the classroom. Your gift allows us to bring retired NASA engineers to Oregon to inspire our youth to reach for the stars. Your support is helping us build a pipeline of opportunities from an ocean of resources with Space Center Houston.



Thank you Pendleton UAS Range

Thank you NEXGEN Range Management

Thank you Sharon Buller with Avini Health

Thank you Santiam Memorial Hospital for the $2500 donation to help support our programs

Thank you Catholic Health Initiative St. Anthony Hospital for the $1,000.00 donation to support James McBarron II to Pendleton and Eastern Oregon communities

Thank you Hillyer's Ford for being our Transportaion support in the Willamette Valley

Thank you ORCA for the $1500 donation.

Thank you for assisting in sponsoring  retired NASA Engineer James McBarron to Oregon. This is helping us to obtain our vision of providing STREAM2 (Science,Technology Robotics,Engineering,Arts, Math and Medicine) into the classrooms across Oregon in a non-tradtional educational environment to supplement the teachers curriculum and augment the students understanding by providing hands on space artifacts and online resources.

Thank you Norman and Kathy Chafee for the $1500 donation.

Retired NASA engineer Norman Chaffee is assisting with helping us build a pipleline to an Ocean of resources at Space Center Houston. Our RADIOS program delivers live national approved educational content into Oregon schools from Space Center Houston in partnership with the NASA Alumni League. Our RSEI program sponsors active and retired NASA engineers to Oregon to visit rural schools. Our foucus is to introduce STREAM2 (Science, Technology, Robotics, Engineering, Arts, Math, Medicine to students in a nontraditional educational experience to augement and supplement the teachers ability to teach and a students ability to aquire the skills and knowledge in these career fields.

We are pleased to announce that NASA has transferred an Apollo Spacecraft Attitude Control Engine to JPLMuseum on the 50th Anniversary of the Apollo 11 Mission. It is now on display. The photo to the left is Former Director of Ames Research Center Jack Boyd presenting the R-4D 100 rocket engine to James Loftus Director of

The R-4D 100 was part of the reactionary control system and was a bipropellent hypergolic powered engine. The chemical reaction between Nitrogentetroxide and Monomethylhydrazine created 100 pounds of thrust and fired for 4 milliseconds.

                 Sixteen R-4Ds were mounted on the exterior of each lunar module in four quadruple clusters and sixteen on each service module.                                  Because both the lunar module and service module were jettisoned during the Apollo missions, no flown examples exist. Our unit was designated to be flown on a Lunar Module.

We are excited to announce that NASA has tenatively scheduled the launch of the Loftus Burt Cour Palais Satellite for November of 2020.

In my left hand is the Loftus segment which is the brains and battery of the satellite. the coupleing device and in my right hand is the Burt Cour Palais portion of the satelite.  If you look closely there are 4 mortars and 2 grey cylinders they  contain a vial of acetone and a pyrotechnic intiator.

We are pleased to announce that JPLMuseum was 1of 5 museums nationally to request from NASA the R-4D 100 an Apollo Spacecraft Attitude Control Engine.  NASA has awarded JPLMuseum with the rocket engine it will be on display at the museum  and availble for schools to request that we bring it as a learning tool for students.


We would like to thank the NASA Selection Committee, NASA Ames Research Center,

Norman Chaffee retired NASA engineer and designer of the RD 4 100(Pictured with the engine), the individuals with Oregon Department of Administrative Service, GSA, and GSA helpdesk for making this possible.

If your school would like to participate in our Rural Schools Educational Initiative for the 2020 academic school year.  We are in the process of scheduling James McBarron a Presidential Medal of Honor recipient for his role in Apollo 13 and he has assisted in the designed of every astronaut  spacesuit from Mercury to the International Space Station. contact 

Thank you to our Corporate Sponsors would like to thank all of our supporters for their generous support for our RURALSCHOOLS EDUCATIONAL INITIATIVE

Because of our sponsors we have been able to expand our programs and reach more students. is located in the Historic Gardner House Cafe' at 633 North Third Ave. Stayton, Oregon. 

Our hours of operation are Tuesday thru Satruday from 8:00 AM  to 3:00PM

Phone 503 602 9128 would like to thank Dr. Chaffee and Anita Gale for allowing Oregon students to participate in the Pacific Northwest Space Settlement Design Competiton at The Boeing Museum of Flight in Seattle March 1-3 2019.  For more information Contact Anita Gale
 is proud to sponsor Dr. Norman Chaffee's visit to Oregon Oct. 14- 27, 2018 to provide a unique educational opportunity to Oregon students. Dr. Chaffee will discuss how he went from growing up in rural Oklahoma to playing a vital role with NASA's Apollo missions to the moon, Mars, and beyond.  If your school district would like to participate, please contact Donations to assist with this project are also greatly appreciated.


Joseph Phillip Loftus Jr. Mobile Museum


The Career of Joseph Loftus Jr. at the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) spanned 47 years from the foundation of NASA until 2005.  His contributions along with those of thousands of other dedicated people at NASA today continue to impact our daily lives through their scientific discoveries. The concept of a Mobile Museum Exhibition Platform (MMEP) was envisioned by Mr. Loftus and designed to maximize the learning experience by providing a mobile hands-on, user-friendly museum exhibit designed for all age groups.

Project Mercury

Mr. Loftus was directly responsible for Crew Accommodations, Crew Control and Display Systems, and was part of the team tasked with crew selection of the seven astronauts for the Mercury Program.

Project Apollo

Mr. Loftus was Director of Operations in the System Engineering Program for the Apollo Lunar Missions.  He was directly responsible for Crew Accommodations, Crew Control and Display Systems, and was part of the team tasked with crew selection for the Apollo Program. Mr. Loftus led the task force to extend the "Stay Time" the crew could spend on the lunar surface from 24 to 72 hours.

The Orbital Re-Entry of Skylab and the Russian MIR Space Station.

In 1979, Mr. Loftus led NASA’s effort to create and fund the Orbital Debris Program Office.  He was also NASA's envoy to the National and International Aeronautical community, including co-authoring the first technical report on Space debris to the United Nations.

We would like to thank all those people and organizations that have already donated to jplmuseum. We have met our goal for the encapsulation of the Apollo 11 heat shield.

Thank you to all the supporters we were able to help over 200 Oregonians meet Dr. Chaffee and we are grateful for his participation.



We are proud of the High School  Robotics Teams from Oregon, for winning a spot in the 2017 First Robotics Competition in Houston, Texas the week of April 19 - 22rd 2017. JPLMUSEUM.ORG was able to schedule Dr. Norman Chaffee to meet with all the teams from Oregon on April 19th at Space Center Houston.  We would like to express our gratitude to Dr. Norman Chaffee, retired Nasa engineer, who will be giving the teams a personal tour.  Check out Summit High School Team "Chaos Theory"  video.


Please support our youth. Donate to make it a special educational oppertunity for our future generation.

Dr. Chaffee with Oregon High School Robotics Teams
Dr. Chaffee at Rocket Park with Oregon Students




We would like to thank the following families and businesses who have donated to our projects. 


Joseph Phillip Loftus III

PacifiCorp Foundation


  Marvin and Barbra G. Hawes
Mike Loftus Heidi Paullus   Rick Venneman
Greg Lyon Loftus TAMERA NIEDERHAUS   Mike Frith
James Loftus Charlotte Van Valkenburg   Lois A. Druhella
Patrick David Loftus Denise Cardinali   Dawn D. Baker
Grabenhorst Real Estate            Steffan S Ledgerwood   M.K.M Enterprises, Inc.
BarTowing                                Nathan Tidball   Tires Experts
Salem Brake and Wheel           Tina Bliss   Penny S.
Kevin and Lisa Smith LESLI J DARROW   HP Civil Inc.
Troy and Amber Gaul MADALYN RUTH TOWER   Cafe' Today
Todd A and Brenda Gesher Mary Nemchicken   Jim Gittings
True Private Wealth Advisors     Sharon Van Dorn   Susan Rae Palmer
Earl and Betty McCollum Bill Britz   Steve Frank
Bruce and Ruth Johnson peggy McMullen   ANDREA GERSPACHER
Robert and Elsie Smythe Pacific Power Foundation   Jonathan Allen
George and Mary Duncan Leslie and Bill Gray   Mike Davies
Jon A. and Marilyn G. Husser Umatiila School District   KATHERINE A SERAFIN
David Prine Pendleton School District   MELODEE J NOLAN
Creation Evidence Museum             La Grande School District   ELIZABETH C DAVIS
Oregon Capitol Watch Foundation City of Baker City   Heather Meiring
Rick Applegate Chamber of Commerce Pendleton   Fiorella Kassab
Mt. Hood Roasters Stayton City Library   Dinah Walsh
Madalyn Tower Mike Powell   Tim Bennington-Davis
Eileen Storey Sally Trissel   Hollie Chay
Don Zivney Pat Fyke   Tom Sommerville
Zivney Flooring Judy SingerAmes Research Inc.   DEBRA L VANAGTMAEL
Congressman Denny Smith Julie Moran   REBECCA J LUCAS
William Andersen Laurie Arcouette   Ron Berry
Andersen Tax and Accounting Kim Pyle   DeAnne Somner
Dopel Ganger Inc. Coburn Grabenhorst   Jerry Fineg
Donna Miller Principal Broker Home Smart Realty DIANE S ROARK   Linda McMullen
Michelle Hendricks Realtor Home Smart Realty Debbie Turner   Tracy Bosen 
Steve Sims Deb's Attic   Pendleton House Bed & Breakfast
Barbara Jackson Promotion AFR, LLC.   Blue Door Inn Baker City
Lesli Haga Ted Freres   Tom Denchel Ford Country
Christine Savage Santiam Hospital   Gene and Lueila Wiens
Barbara Keeler Vivien Montegomery   Catholic Health Initiative
Consolidated Towing Inc. Joanne Alford   St. Anthony's Hospital
Alan Cavarno Rosie Allen   Chamber of Commerce  Baker City
Robert Marshall Stowell Karen Anderson   Regis High School
DIANE M WISER Pat Buzzard   Dixie Moravec
JOANNE ALFORD Barb Nolen   David and Mary Kay Foster
Gary and Carmen Anglin Joan wright.   10 Barell Brewing Bend OR
Donna Lee Juel Ronda Thornburg   Wolfgangs Thirsts Parlor

Bob Moreau

Rene Sperle Mt. Angel OR

LOUIS F BASL   Sunset Oceanside Lodging

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Ieremia P. Saia

MAPS Community Foundation

Inner Health Chiropractic,LLC

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Nancy Chamberlin Wa.

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